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building community resilience

The Leasburg Revitalization Organization is a group of citizens who live in and around the Leasburg area or has family who grew up around here. A lot of wonderful memories, history and cherished hope have us moving forward. Leasburg has fallen the way of many historic towns in which "progress" didn't work so well.

We want to rebuild the community that has been scattered, helping to create a community-driven, resilient locality. We invite you to join us, either through volunteer opportunities, monetary donations or your positive encouragement. It is a big job but with everyone pitching in we can make a difference. 

Interested in joining LRO? It's easy and we would welcome you. You can also become a voting member for a low cost of $10.00 a year. Everyone is welcome at our monthly meetings. We meet every second Monday of the month at the Village Community Center (2303 Highway H, old church across from park). 

Our Initiatives

As we form our 501(c)3, our first initiatives are:

  • beautification of Leasburg including native wildflower plantings

  • community togetherness

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